Monday, July 18, 2011

Auntie B's News

Team Bertha has been busy!

First, if you haven't already, take a peek at the new layout and process for our human service directory serving Austin, TX at The big changes include:

-No qualification quiz: The quiz included five questions that we used to determine how much and what programs someone qualified for based on income, demographics, and family size. We figure that people should have a choice on whether or not we tell them how helpful help can be so the quiz is now optional if folks decide to sign up via e-mail. The qualification quiz still exists, but it is no longer a requirement to see programs.

-No email requirement: In the past, we required an e-mail for folks to access the database. Now, it is open to anyone that wants to take a peek at what do-gooders have to offer in their community.

-State Programs: Vicken, Lyn, and a wonderful cohort of interns have been busy the last 2-3 weeks chipping away at SNAP(food assistance) and CHIP(free to low cost health insurance for kids) for all the states in the Union. We are proud of their persistence and hard work. If you see them around by 'em a cold root beer.

-Meeting the neighbors: Erine and I have been around town, the web, and the nation introducing ourselves to innovative organizations and letting folks know that we want to collaborate on making an impact on human service technology, but even more importantly, help struggling families. We have visited community based mental health clinics, shelters, churches, and other non-profits putting our ear to the ground and listening to stories. After two months at this job, I can honestly say that I have made tons of mistakes. The biggest lesson we have learned so far is that if we want to survive the business of hope it starts with listening before doing.

-Two members of our team have submitted applications to a little conference coming up in March! Send us good vibes!

ANNOUNCEMENT: July 20th at 7pm, We will be testing out our website LIVE at Austin Free Net a wonderful digital literacy non-profit in ATX, if you want some cash and ice cream stop by: click here for details

If you have any questions or want to know how you can be apart of our project, drop us a line!

Mozart is the community manager at

PS: I would be remiss to not mention our phenomenal intern, JC Rodriguez, who has been a huge help doing outreach work and producing great ideas

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