Thursday, July 21, 2011

Austin Free-Net

Last night, Erine and David Neff, author of a great new book about non-profits, showed our website to a group of people to test our guarantee of being "simple and easy".

We did it at one of the most cutting edge non-profits in town, Austin Free-Net!

This is what their communications director, Sheena, had to say about what they do:

Austin Free-Net is a non-profit corporation established in 1995, Austin Free-Net (AFN) helps community organizations launch free Internet access sites for the public. AFN provides technical expertise, services and equipment to community organizations, to build computer labs that are technologically and economically self-sustaining over time. We provide free computer/Internet access and training at 15 sites in Austin.

New technology promises an opportunity for all, but only on an equal playing field, with equal access to information, education and involvement in the community. Anyone that has the desire should be able to access the Internet to improve their lives and contribute to society.

With these facts in mind, Austin Free-Net exists to make equal access to computing resources a reality.

Austin Free-Net is bridging the digital divide!

We are proud to work with this organization and look forward to further collaborations.

Go check them out now.

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