Thursday, July 7, 2011

Learning About Leadership On A Date

Meet Katie.

She recently graduated with a degree in social work and taught me everything I needed to know about leadership while she was on a date with her boyfriend. Before I let you know about that magic, let's get some background information on this young woman.

Besides having a super attitude (attitude is everything), she also happened to be a student-leader at a 400+ person graduate school of do-gooders for the last two years. She led the charge as a student advocate and was the lead master of ceremonies, all while providing clinical services to adult sex offenders and as a professional working in juvenile justice.

Not easy stuff. So, imagine my surprise when I saw pictures of her on a date.

Where does she find the time?

The Date+Art

I don't usually spy on people. That was until I came across a picture of Katie at a painting class in Denver. When I took a closer look at the picture I realized it wasn't your typical "paint by numbers" class for beginners, It was real art.

My big takeaway from seeing this picture of a social worker on a date was this:

1. Leadership is the ability to give away the keys to your "art". This company has a packed room every week full of people who want to have a great time, tap into their creativity, and be Picasso for a day.

2. Self-Care: There is nothing more powerful than periods of intense rest and work. In the business of hope it's necessary to not fall into compassion fatigue. It's important to keep your innovation and creativity levels high.

3. Risk: I am certain that a good number of people that show up to this event are a bit skeptical that the teacher can guide them to mastery in one night, but if we trust the process... maybe it can work.

How do you get creative and stay innovative?

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