Thursday, September 8, 2011

Austin Content Marketing Group

Erine will be in the hot seat this Friday!

Austin Content Marketing Meetup will be asking tough questions and learning more about our young organization. You should come. Sign up here, here, and here. He will be sharing common questions and observations such as:

  • Poor People are Online Too - "A question I get often is on the digital divide. Our target user is someone who makes between $15,000 - $35,000 per year, what are things we can do to get the word out to this population? We found some interesting data from our research.
  • Making a Difficult Subject Fun (or at least not as sucky) - "How do you take a depressing thing - like looking for programs that can help you - and add some dignity in that process? That's the challenge we face. Hence, Aunt Bertha - the eccentric aunt we all have that shoots you straight, and makes you laugh."

Come to the Austin Content Marketing Meetup on Friday the 9th of Sept. armed with your questions.

Erine is ready for some rapid-fire questions, so don't be shy! Sign up now

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