Wednesday, May 30, 2012

INTERVIEW: Steve Wanta - Purpose, Collaboration, and the Journey of Poverty

"[Working with families in poverty] is a journey... there is not one loan that will lift a family out of poverty!" -Steve Wanta 

Welcome To Aunt Bertha's Blog

Aunt Bertha is a website that helps struggling individuals and families find programs based on need(food, health, education, etc) in seconds. Think: 911 meets Google meets the Aunt that keeps it real at Thanksgiving and is always willing to give you a hand when you're in need.

Interview Series

Aunt Bertha is still organizing all the need-based programs in the United States, but we also realize the need for real conversations. We want to talk to people who care, who want to make a difference, and who have been where we want to go. 3 other important reasons:

-We want to share our journey with other non-profit, government, and other social good organizations!

-We want our readers to have strategies to keep going on their projects in Social Enterprise and Social Work.

-We want to break down the process of building something bigger than all of us for social good.

Interviewee: Steve Wanta

Why are we interviewing Steve Wanta?

-He has led a MAJOR micro-finance team for over 6 years for the Whole Planet Foundation.

-He has a keen understanding of collaboration and innovation.

-He manages grassroots projects in over 50+ countries.

-He recently started a local co-working space for social entrepreneurs and non-profits.

Who is this interview for?

-Human service providers: I specifically ask question about potentially harming the people we want to help and how to trust other service providers.

-Anyone who wants to learn by doing!

-Innovators who are focused on a business plans and not taking action!

-Professionals who want first hand accounts of what it takes to thrive as an international social good organization. 

-Young social entrepreneurs who want to know the best business plan strategy

Press play to listen to the interview!

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