Friday, May 11, 2012

You Spoke. We Listened! Helping Families Find Need-Based Programs With Ease!

Aunt Bertha got a make-over!

Not only is the site easier on the eyes, but it is easier than ever to find social service programs in your area.

In order to make Aunt Bertha great, we get feedback from our users on how to be better. The Aunt Bertha team has been working hard to make your suggestions a reality and this month’s release features some good-looking updates to the way that programs on the site are categorized, changes to the layout, and a new free-text search capability.

You’ll notice that there are now 8 categories which programs fall under. We’ve taken away “Other” and sorted every program in the directory into specific categories. 

Within these main 8 categories there are sub-categories to narrow your results further. For example, within Everyday Needs you will find Food, Transportation, and Clothing.

Now you can use your own words to find programs with the brand new search feature, find ones you may qualify for by using the Advanced Search feature, and if you notice that a program isn’t listed, you can easily let us know with the add a program feature on the homepage. 


 The Aunt Bertha team is always working to make the site better, so next month’s release will see increased website speed, simplified categories, easier ways to tell us what you think, and the ability to create a profile - enabling programs you pre-qualify for to rise to the top of searches. You’ll also be able to bookmark and email programs. Stay tuned!

Let us know what you think of the new features – leave feedback in the comments below!

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