Friday, July 6, 2012

VIDEO - Social Work Internship Tips: Mozart Guerrier

Internships are infamous in Social Work graduate education.

Internships are mandatory for most graduate school programs. I have an unique background with internships and social good jobs. In the last 3 years I have worked, volunteered, and interned for over 10 different social good organizations across the country, worked for HBO film makers, a workers right clinic, community organized to end sexual violence, volunteered for a literary arts organization, helped struggling families find housing, worked on grants and non-profit administration, and taught life skills to families on public assistance, etc. I've learned a lot on how to perform well in a non-profit environment and I want to share these experience with non-profit and social work students everywhere. What's most important is I've been able to maintain strong relationships with all of my past jobs, volunteer organizations, and collaborators!

Here's my 5 part video series on internships!

Mozart is the community manager for Aunt Bertha.

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